My name is Steven Nicodemus, I grew up in Reading, PA and I studied Digital Media and Studio Art at Albright College. I received my Bachelors of the Arts in 2016 and immediately began working locally at a non-profit center for the arts, where I hold the position of Theatre Manager to this day. For the past four years, I have also held a position with a local, independent game company. 


My experience in the game design industry has led me to work on a number of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality mobile games. Some of the more prominent games I have worked on are A+E Crime Scene AR, Truck Night in America AR, and Knightfall AR. You can find these projects at the bottom of my Resume page.


While working on these games, I have filled roles such as Concept Artist and UI development and design, and honed skills related to 3D asset creation and editing, world design and lighting.

When I am not working at the game company or theatre, I have seen growth and success in my artistic endeavors by maintaining a studio practice and working on freelance painting, digital art, and graphic design commissions.

In my free time, I love the outdoors and adventures such as hiking and camping, I enjoy jamming out to music on road trips, and playing volleyball on a competitive recreational team.

Want to know more? Drop me a line.

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