CrossTrainer Mixed Reality LLC 


Texture Artist Asset Arist and UV Mapper

- Creating Asset models, Optimizing them and Texturing them.

- Taking existing models optimizing their UV maps, resolutions and details, and texturing them.

- Creating decal texture files for certain models and vehicles. Optimizing decals created by other staff and adapting them to the UV maps necessary for the Asset for Truck Night in America AR.

- Using proper file formats to create the decal files making sure they are located with a transparency channel.

UI Artist/ Designer

- Contributed to the creation and ideation of the UI design. 

- Worked on ways to optimize the layout of menus and to help with game/app flow.

Concept Artist

- During ideation phases worked on simple art structures for ideas as well as thumbnails and small sketches.

Game Tester

- Tested Games taking notes of bugs and changes that needed to occur for UI and for easy of play. 

- Added detailed notes to group sheet to make sure that we can address issues as they are found. 

- Play tested for entertainment.

Milkroom Studios/Entertainment


Texture Artist and Asset Artist

- Worked on the creation of murder weapon 3d assets for A+E Crime Scene AR. Textured and modeled the items and made edits and changes to others.

UI Artist/ Designer

- Contributed to the ideation of general UI elements.

Concept Artist

- Concepted and produced ideas for different weapons for the A+E Crime Scene Game.

- Worked on Concept material as well as research of historical elements for Knightfall AR.

Game Tester

- Tested the UI of Knightfall.

- Took notes of bugs, made to mention changes that should occur for ease of play.

Graphic Designer


Freelance Graphic Design

-Created the brand logo for Berks Neuropsychology.

-Worked on print and branding for Berks Neuropsychology.

-Helped with print design for Anewalt's Landscape and Contracting.

-Designed brand logo for Themyscira Challenge. A startup workout group.

-Brand designing for a local chapter of a major selling company.


Knightfall AR

Another game that was developed during my time at Milkroom, this game placed bodies evidence and items in the AR environment that led you to finding out who the criminal was. Your job was to collect evidence and charge the perpetrator. Most of my work on this game was related to Asset organization, creation, texturing and concepting. I helped a little bit with the UI side and other organization as well.

Truck Night in America AR

A game that I worked on Asset texturing and management for CrossTrainer Mixed Reality LLC. I worked heavily on making sure that the truck decals matched with the truck UV maps and that they weren't distorted or looked improper on the truck exterior. I also contributed to decal designs for the trucks and edits on designs that needed to be edited to fit the trucks. The game features different truck parts that you design your truck with and then you compete with other designers to see who can be voted the top truck design during design competitions.

A+E Crime Scene AR

Working under Milkroom Entertainment I contributed to the release of Knightfall AR. A simple AR tower defense game that has you fighting off waves of enemies while upgrading and rebuilding your fortress. Most of my work in this game was based around the UI and gameflow elements. As well as historical research on events locations and items used during the time period.


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